Embarking on a two-day jubilee, 2ID Events orchestrated a grand celebration for the centennial of the MBAL company. Over 250 esteemed guests gathered for a momentous occasion filled with joy and camaraderie.

The first day unfolded with a spectacular gala dinner, featuring an official program that included captivating surprises like a mesmerizing laser show and a cutting-edge hologram performance. As the evening progressed, guests engaged in a lively game of bingo, with winners taking home valuable prizes graciously provided by company representatives.

On the second day, the festivities continued with a special Fun Fair concert. The younger attendees reveled in a myriad of children’s activities, from balloon twisters and face painters to an enchanting bubble show, engaging games, roaming characters and theatrical stage shows. Bouncy toys, castles and games added to the excitement, providing wholesome entertainment for the little ones. Meanwhile, adult guests embraced the thrill with activities like Bull riding, Wipe Out games, and various skilled fun fair games such as Knockout, Ring Toss, and Bucket Ball.

During the whole activation kids and adults enjoyed our live food stations with pop corn, potato swirls, cotton candy, ice-cream and slush machines. To add some competitive mood for kids we placed a Human Claw Machine and added loads of cute fun fair presents, to be exchanged at the our real Treasure chamber. The main entertainment for the day 2 of the unforgettable weekend was a family competition including all kind of active and quizzed activities and as a cherry on top – kids talent show.

It was difficult to add more excitement to the event, but we did! The climax of the celebration was a dazzling fireworks display, specially arranged to commemorate the centennial. A stunning showcase illuminated the night sky, concluding the two-day affair with a burst of joy and a symbolic “100” crafted in the brilliance of the fireworks. The MBAL gathering became a cherished memory, a testament to a century of success and shared moments.