The world’s business capital – Dubai – hosts a lot of the most significant exhibitions and business events every year. 2ID Events team is greatly experienced in making, conducting and organizing the best companies’ representations at such events. Very attentive to the smallest details, having the widest partnership chain and knowing all the specialities – all these are the features that help us to provide the exhibition preparation affordable and of the highest quality!

Exhibitions full service

Business world is strict and rough. Competition is so high that even the smaller detail can be significant leading to success or otherwise. Trust the presentation of your business to real professionals. Do not worry to forget about something important. Do not waste time looking for the most affordable offers. Get all in one.



As any preparation process organizing of an exhibition consists of services. You may choose those options you need and combine them into your own package. We guarantee the highest quality of services, the full availability and the best conditions.


Our team of professional brand managers experienced in the Dubai market is here for you to find the best and the most efficient way to attract clients and partners to your brand as well as to represent your product or services to the UAE.


Entertain and you will be appreciated. The matter is not only to tell about yourself but also to make people feel that they are important. We have the biggest database of artists, performances, shows and technical opportunities to entertain visitors and participants. Just let us know your vision about how it would be and we will organize all the rest.


To represent is to make the idea. The best way you appear is the best impression you make. Our professional hostesses and models are sure to be the best way your company, product or service could be ever presented. They are greatly experienced in how to behave, communicate and promote during all the important events.


Exhibitions usually unite a lot of participants. So it is extremely important to catch the eyes and to attract visitors. We have a great experience in organizing stands in order to attract the majority. From creating the idea up to its implementation – let professionals do it all for your success.

2ID Exhibitions – the best representing for the best results