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The stage is possible to set both indoors and outdoors, the program is going to fit your color theme and idea, and the artists are capable even of telling a story of you or your brand. Nothing is more fascinating than watching a talent performing in the liquid. Whether it is day or night, such an act would be unforgettable to you and your guests. Here you may find just a few examples of such performances our tech members are able to provide.

Besides offering small to large aqua activities, our company suggests the most remarkable dancing water fountain according to your location and theme of the gathering. So, if you have been interested in a great Dubai water fountain show, you have come to the right place. Our technicians are able to create the craziest ideas to make your celebration on everyone’s lips!

We operate with the latest technologies which allow us to style unbelievable designs. Moreover, we are able to invite world-famous artists to perform on your celebration to your liking. Although a liquid act might be held at any time of the day, we recommend organizing such activity with low lights or in the evening to allow it to make a magical atmosphere.

From athletic gymnasts in the glass cube to mermaid charming dancing, from floating spheres to laser beams, from synchronized swimmers to video projections, there’s nothing impossible for the 2ID team. If you got no aqua reservoir around, we take care of crafting one per your request.

Are you planning a public holiday and need amazing entertainment? Worry no more! We can do the greatest Dubai festival city fountain show to your occasion and please all the spectators watching it. Don’t waste your time, contact us today and get a spectacular aqua project made for your party!