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Our fantastic performers know how to entertain the audience. Moreover, we develop original scripts and whole programs specifically for your celebration! Here are just some of the services the 2ID professional team provides:

  • An expert view on the theme and tour on the location of the event
  • Expert recommendation on the firing placements and duration
  • Top-level suggestions of the most prominent specialists
  • Show production per client’s request
  • Artist management and entertainment covering
  • Assistance with setup, decorations, equipment, and so on
  • Control of the rehearsals and the performance itself
  • A positive experience and a pro attitude

We don’t just offer standard stages everyone has seen on the streets. We design unique performances, think about the concept and costumes, always bring something new to the place, and know on pleasing guests. A firing would turn your day memorable, and the visitors are guaranteed to take a lot of photos and videos. 

What can be better than a splendid and passionate light? Firing is the most powerful force to decorate your location with. Nevertheless, you are assured of the safety and professionalism of the artists during the acting time, so you may enjoy the case together with your guests. We take care of all the organizational activities to make you happy with the occasion.

Should you need a catchy and marvelous fire show in Dubai today, reach out to our representatives and get first-class organization! We know how to deliver world level experience.