To entertain better! To make an event ideal in the UAE! To create a show in Dubai! All you need is  the largest database of artists, added to the team of professional organizers and event gurus, decorated with the significant experience at the Emirates’ market and the incredible sense of audience. Were you can find the widest range of entertainment services available at one click.  Entertainment Company

Entertainment from all over the world

2ID-Entertainment – We have gathered Artists from different counties to make sure you will find an entertainment you need.

We have the biggest roster of unique artists ready to your guests. Our main goal is to provide the best entertainers to every occasion.

As Entertainment Company, we do everything possible to make the process of finding and choosing artists fast, easy and understandable. We are the most reliable source of entertainers because we’ve already experienced all the possible difficulties of working with them over the course of 5 years.

Working with 2ID-Entertainment as an Entertainment partner means you are sure to have a good time without troubles and worries.

The biggest list of artist in the world

On this page you may see the database of artists and entertainers divided by type of the show. Each artist has short description, photos and video of the performance to make sure, you can see what are you choosing from.

You can browse our catalogue of performers by choosing the type of entertainment or searching them by keywords. Our system is optimized for your ease. For example – type “water” to get the list of shows and entertainers using water.

Contact us now and get your special entertainment

When you are ready to choose – just fill out the form you can find under every artist out Entertainment company offers. Our manager will contact you shortly to check the details. If you don’t want to fill the form or short on time – just click the *Call* button on the bottom left corner of the screen OR *Chat* button on the bottom right.

Anyway, you will get your personal manager that will check all the details and will do anything to make sure that you are satisfied.

By the way, if you need an advice or to ask for some details about different artists – you can contact us with any related questions, our Event Company will be glad to help you.

If you haven’t succeeded to find something you need in the site or you are short of time just send us a request using the form below. Describe your ideas and wishes and we will offer you the best option!