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All the social life of the Middle East is centered in malls. They attract people during hot days, and shopping is the traditional way to spend weekends. So events organized for malls are extremely demanded and provide the companies with the fresh flow of new clients. Another attractive places for visitors are different kinds of public events. The team of 2ID Events is greatly experienced in both fields of such entertainment.

Mall & Public Events full service

The best way to attract is to surprise and to amaze. Our professional brand manages, creators and organizers are able to make from the scratch any kind of mall entertainment or public event. Choose from the wide variety of the existing options or order an exclusive script and make it completely unique with 2ID Events!



You may also order one of our services to be included into the already developed program. Have a look at the catalogue and get a free phone consultation of our specialists as for the best way to conduct any such event. We will be happy to share our experience and help you to make the day really bright!


One of the really authentic ways to entertain your guests and to impress them with the real traditional Arabic performance. The language itself is really wonderful and its special peculiarity is the writing. Unique and extremely beautiful. We offer you to have a specialist who is professional in Arabic calligraphy to create a memorable presents for your guests. A very unusual option.


Mall is the place where Arabs spend the majority of their time especially when it’s too hot (the most part of the year) to appreciate parks and beaches. So any event conducted in a mall interests visitors a lot. And as it is usually quite boring to walk around and do the constant shopping – people are sure to participate in all the games and activities. And when it’s connected to a particular brand we get their interest and the brand gains popularity. Same is about how to be entertained during public events.


Mall is the place where Arabs spend the majority of their time especially when it’s too hot (the most part of the year) to appreciate parks and beaches. So any event conducted in a mall interests visitors a lot. So we have a great number of almost ready clients – just take them.

Last Mall & Public Events


It was one of the brightest events of the last going away year. The summit was dedicated to high technologies and achievements in the world of science. So the high tech shows and decisions provided by 2ID-Events was the very element that underlined the whole idea and the main sense of the summit. All the […]


Eid Al Adha is one of the most favorite festivals of the autumn. This year was not the exception and people really enjoyed the celebrations in the country. 2ID-Events was really busy these days as being involved in the process of preparation and entertaining. We’ve provided Ayallah Dancers, Coffee and Date Server, Face Painter and […]


Big National Parade 2015 2ID-Events participated in the most fabulous and exciting event ever on 28th of November – the National Day Parade, which had the aim to gather people different nationalities from various parts of the world. 2ID-Events provided excellent Bagpipers Team, amazing Mizmar and Tanoura Dancers, stunning African Dance Group, beautiful Russian Dancers, […]


2ID-Events provided a set of performances and spectacular shows for the Grand Opening of Miracle Garden in Dubai on 25th of November. The Flower Girl and Walking Trees that were exiting and impressive for the theme of the event. Hostesses who were meeting the guests and helping them. Violinist with his incredible musical performance. Face […]


The impressiveness of this miracle created right in front of the audience’s eyes is really strong! The shadows combined with music, light and particular story are always appreciated! 2ID-Events has provided this kind of show for a public event that took place in Ras Al Khaimah last week. The idea of including this performance was […]


Recently the 16th Sharjah International Narrator Forum (SINF) took place. It was a three-day event which, this year, has its theme “Juha: A Common Human Heritage”, and features narrators, storytellers and performers took part in or. The event was conducted under the patronage and in the presence of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al […]

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