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The world’s business capital is definitely the most demanded place for conducting all the significant business events, launches, conferences and meetings. We are the only one accredited professionals in conducting business events at the territory of the Middle East. Being greatly experienced in the organizing of all types of such special category we are able to offer you the best conditions and the widest variety of options. Just let us know about your preferable format and don’t worry about the details.

Full service for Corporate events

The unique developments of 2ID Events as for the organizing, representing, supporting, computerizing, entertaining help us to provide the best services at the business arena of Dubai. Special offers, exclusive partnership conditions and general professionalism of the management team are the key to your success.



The wide variety of options to be added to your business event in Dubai. You may choose the full constructing event organizing as well as separate services you’d like to include. Just let us know about your vision for us to be able to offer you its best implementation.


No matter is your brand a well known one at the UAE market or you are just in the process of gaining the scale interest to it – we know how to make it a real buzz. Our team of brand managers and promoters will offer you a great amount of variants, help with the advices and organize the efficient campaign in a very short period of time. So you will be able to win the Arabic market and succeed.


Corporate events in the business capital of the world – Dubai – are our strong point. We have organized dozens of different Business events at the territory of the middle East and we know all the secrets of the most efficient and successful conduction. Furthermore we have the agreements with the leading hotels, venues and catering to make it at the competitive price for you. And our organizers know how to conduct any conference ideally – from the script of the event to the perfect implementation.


Since ancient times it was considered that all the important deals must be made at the table. We also think so. No matter what kind of dinner you are going to have – just a partnership meeting in a close circle or a big dinner for all the branches and departments that is going to be like a scale event – we are ready to offer you the best special prices, all the possible locations, entertainment program and the most delicious food ever!!!


The first impression is the right one. That is why people do their best to make positive associations during the product launch. We know about the importance of the first impression too. So let us think about all these instead of you. We are ready to make the full program of the event, to combine it with the brand promotion, and to make it stylish, bright and wowing! They are sure to remember the event and gain a great interest for the product!

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