Show Production

3d Mapping

3D mapping is a great option to surprise your guests and make the event worth being talked about for weeks later.
It can bring to life ANY of your fantasies, however crazy or impossible they can be! Basically, this new-age technology, also known as 3D projection, merges animation, motion graphics and special effects with sound and light.
As the process of creation this kind of show is really complicated and needs a lot of special equipment and professionals, it is extremely important that we are the only one in Dubai who have such equipment and the significant experience in organizing such shows.
Being a high-tech service, 3D Mapping will be the best decision for corporate events, creative guerilla marketing and product launches, grand openings, and entertainment.

Multimedia Show

Any kind of wide range variations of this kind of show is available using our unique equipment. This is the extraordinary combination of fire, laser lights, water screens, mirrors, video projections and a lot of other technical facilities that help us creating the unbelievable ever show!
It’s the whole spectrum of the modern technological shows combining lights, sounds, laser scenography, video projections, water screens, pyrotechnic and fireworks and the scene machinery. Developing a multimedia show is a very complex and accurate project from the careful development of the idea up to its organization, technical implementation and logistics.
As it’s especially spectacular kind of show it will be a perfect addition to any scale event, as well as the best surrounding for a concert, performance or bright presentation.

Laser Show

The place where light creates the most splendid images and figures! One of the most demanded shows suitable for the majority of programs.
Laser show is the real pearl of any event, especially if we speak about Dubai – the capital of brightness and impressiveness! It is perfect for any event – from a party in a night club up to the scale open air show like a concert, opening of an exhibition, presentation, advertising or PR campaign, corporate event, private party, wedding or anniversary! No one will remain indifferent!

Video Projection

A kind of a very popular using of a video projection that can be a room decoration, a large format projection, video on the water screen (both blind or fan).
There are a lot of kinds of video installation that are available for different events. We are providing all the necessary equipment for each of them. No matter how you see the installation – as a part of decoration, as a part of show, as a kind of PR or advertising campaign or you want to use it for creating a spectacular show for impressing the guests and partners – all these can be done on the highest professional level using the unique technologies in the UAE.


The dancing fountains are the most famous attractions in the UAE. Do you want to have a small copy of the biggest fountain show at your event? You’re welcome to enjoy the fountain dances anywhere!

The shows available are:

  • Crown Arch
  • Water Arch
  • Imperial Arch
  • Jumping Jet
  • Trio Jet
  • Multi Effects
  • Giant Jet
  • Water Screen

Water Screen Projection

A specially ordered and delivered to the Emirates equipment helps us to create this incredibly bright and magic shows on the water surface.