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Our team is greatly experienced in making, conducting and organizing the best team building events of any format and for any aim. Very attentive to the smallest details, having the widest partnership chain and knowing all the specialities – all these are the features that help us to provide the team-building unique and of the highest quality!

Team building events full service

We understand the importance of the image. So we are never in a hurry. And we never work out the template scenarios. Every 2ID Events team building is a unique product, created especially for the particular company, discussed in details and organized ideally.



Also there is an opportunity to include a team building into your corporate event such as a conference or meeting. You may order a game or an activity developed individually upon your wish and needs. Our specialists will be happy to offer you the options.


The widest range of workshops and masterclasses that are extremely popular and demanded among people. To create, to build or to think – all the variants are to be considered. People are happy when being the part of something important! Let`s make them feel like this! Together!


Do like me. Do it even better and louder! One of the most attractive and spectacular African ethnic shows are the drums. It’s a pleasure to listen and even the more pleasure it is to try playing!
We offer you the unique opportunity and the very original workshop for a team building – to learn how to touch the drums altogether! Feel the rhythm, reveal from stress, communicate by sounds and follow the leader! The extremely new at the market and incredibly efficient way to cooperate and team build! Catch the wave! Follow, repeat, enjoy! One. Two. One-two-three-four!

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2ID Team Buildings – the real team is the main ingredient of successful company!