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 What is a caricature

A caricature is a separate genre in art. The artistic embodiment of the essence of the model conveyed with humor and irony. It is when individual features are highlighted and hypertrophied, making the model even more recognizable. In this case, it is very important to observe a sense of proportion, so that looking at the picture, only good and good memories arise.

For a cartoon artist, an important feature is the speed of the drawing. The cartoonist Dubai runs at speeds up to 25 drawings per hour. Just imagine this dynamic. You have not had time to fix the pose, and your portrait is ready. This is a fantastic sight. An incredible action unfolds in front of your eyes, a participant is a cartoonist on one side and a casual passerby on the other. They see each other for the first time and nevertheless, on paper, not only the appearance with recognizable facial features is reflected, but also the character is visible. This all happens for the reason that in front of you is a professional and master of his craft. It is a real magician whose instrument is a pencil. The picture that you receive as a gift mustn't take up much space in your luggage and certainly will not cause an overload. 

Cartoon and caricature first appeared on the background of peasant wars and bourgeois revolutions of the 15-16 centuries. and were closely associated with censorship. Throughout its entire existence, this genre as a whole, like the authors of cartoons and caricatures, was in every way pursued by the ruling regime. 

Fortunately, today we are talking about cartoons and caricature, which are fraught with only a positive beginning and filled with good irony. Entire cartoonist studios are working all over the world, where you can order a cartoon as a gift, indicating distinctive features and hobbies, so that the drawing is even more directed. You can draw a real thematic comic, and it will be 100% exclusive.

 Where to order the services of a party caricaturist

But here, in the Arab Emirates, when a caricaturist near you, a sense of involvement in magic amplifies enthusiasm several times. It’s always nice to watch real magic happen in front of your eyes.

We give our clients unforgettable moments, invite the most famous artists, offer unique leisure and vivid impressions. We want you to spend your time with pleasure and certainly want to come back to us, because every time we will look for new entertainments for you.