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Just parks are not enough for children in Dubai. The climate conditions has made the industry of kids entertainment so well developed as nowhere else. Outdoor and indoor events, performances, shows, quests and games – the field we are real professionals in.

Children events full service

The young audience is very special as needs the progressional approach and exclusive interesting program. We really know how to involve them, make them happy and having fun. All you need is to give us the information about the format, number of kids, their age and sphere of interests and let us make the best ever party for them!



The widest range of options you may choose of to make the day perfect. If you don’t need the full organization of the event and just want to add something special to your party – we are here to help you. The availability and quality are guaranteed.


2ID EVENTS proposes amazing Balloon Decorations with imaginative and very affordable design that are unique to any occasion. It`s impossible to imagine how a huge number of possible variations of decoration we have depend for theme parties, weddings, seasonal and special holidays. Balloon Decoration will astonish and amaze any public from children to adults. It`s unforgettable and original way to add something special to any event. From a very traditional balloon arch with a few colors to cartoon characters we can create the decorations to any demand.
These decorations will make your event breathtakingly and your guests will lead to a complete delight with right mood accordingly.


If you want to arrange an exciting and active party for your children, we know how to entertain kids!
Excellent for any age bouncy toys make your children to learn basic physical skills, have fun and play games the same time. Our company offers for rent a trampoline, bouncy castle, slide and many others attractions. By renting a trampoline, you get a great efficient service. Professional staff will deliver, prepare and install a trampoline or bouncy castle and will help to use it.
Hiring bouncy toys is a very comfortable and modern entertainment. Children will be delighted with such a surprise. Turn your children’s party into an exciting day to remember!


The real performance is sure to become a keystone of your day. Young guests always appreciate watching and taking part in a real fairy tale story happening right here in front of them. And the professionalism of our actors will definitely make the dream come true and the tale come to be real.


The animators and tale heroes are all here to come and play together with the small audience. Kids always are very excited with such games as it gives them opportunity to make friends with someone they saw only at the screen and also the games make them feel really appreciated when winning and helping others during the play.


Want to amaze your guests or children? 2ID EVENTS has brought Mascots and Brand Inflatable Characters. Huge funny and comic characters are the best way to draw any crowd. We assure you that people will stay and stare, children will hug them and some people will want to take picture next to your character.
There is no better and unique way to promote your business or build awareness! 2ID EVENTS can customize the costumes of the Mascots with your company logo or branding. Inflatable Mascots Characters are easy to set up and useful indoors and outdoors. They can perform anywhere – restaurants, shops, home. Perfect for roaming acts, corporate presentation of a new product, public and mall festivals etc.


All children like pets. Pet zone organized by your wish is gonna be the best entertainment for all ages of children. And they are sure to like the idea of contact with the small friends. Such type of entertainment is of a great demand and is always very impressive and remembered by kids after the party.


We have a fairy contract with almost all the cartoon and tale heroes who are ready to come to your kids party. Moreover we have the great experience in organizing thematic parties with every detail dedicated to the main direction of the event. Young participants I sure to appreciate it a lot.


2ID-Events offers an exciting Workshop For Kids. Join us to make a great masterpieces by your own hands! Our professional team of animators with various workshops and master classes will gather together all family. Be sure that your handwork will enchant all the relatives with our animators. Also our team can learn to do all sorts of crafts, which will develop your child different skills. If you want your child spend time not only super fun but also useful and delighted you with touching crafts made by him then you can rely on us
Workshop For Kids which 2ID-Events provides it`s a very fantastic time spending together.

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