On the 2nd of May we had conducted a very bright and amazing corporate event called “Annual Awards Night” for the First Group. The idea was to create a kind of Oscar rewarding event.
We made our best to make the buzz and to impress from the very enter. First of all there were pu-pu-pi-du magic Marilyn Monroe and the King of rock’n’roll – splendid Elvis! Look-a- like show for meeting and entertaining the guests is always one of the best, so these heroes met the people, made photos with them and behaved like the real stars come alive and visited the party.
Also there was a mirror-me Photo booth and people really enjoyed making memorable photos!
More than that a Walking table girl was walking among the participants and offered them drinks and snacks. People appreciated such an original way to treat them and felt really excited.
But the main surprise of the evening was further to come! At the main stage there was a great dance performance to take place. The original Broadway dance with costume changing and Hindi Gatsby style show have gathered the wave of positive and engaged all the guests.
To be honest we were very lucky with the audience as they were very active and with a great pleasure took part in the show. They were applauding, whistling, dancing and singing together with the artists! Such a response was really inspiring for us, for the dancers and of course for the guests themselves.
Tired but happy we were greatly satisfied with the evening and with the highest level we did it!


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