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Everybody loves stories – so much so that it’s sometimes possible to overlook how much we love them and how important they are to us all. A well told story can take an audience from a gasp of shock to a scream of laughter in the twist of a phrase. It can leave the listener more exhilarated and moved than anything on a screen can do: the immediacy and intensity of a live performance which reaches every child in the audience is utterly priceless.
Storytellers from 2ID EVENTS never work from scripts and can tell any one of they stories off the top of their head in about half a dozen different ways. Our Storyteller takes children to another world, in which their imaginations are stretched, the gamut of emotions is run, and the experience of others can be understood, related to, and learned from. Their understanding of the world around them is enhanced and developed. Whether it’s youngsters at a birthday party, students at a school assembly, or adults at a corporate event, people of all ages love getting caught up in a good story.

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