At the heart of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) 2022, our team orchestrated engaging workshops designed to ignite creativity and nurture young minds. Tailored to promote the joys of reading, these workshops offered a unique platform for children to explore their artistic talents.

The Dragonfly application and tote bag painting workshops were a highlight, allowing kids to delve into the realm of art and creativity. Through hands-on activities, children embraced their artistic side, fostering imagination and skill development in an environment dedicated to the celebration of literature. These engaging sessions not only encouraged self-expression but also instilled a love for creativity, complementing the festival’s core mission of promoting reading among young readers.

At 2ID-Events, we are dedicated to creating interactive and enriching experiences that spark inspiration and learning. Our workshops at SIBF 2022 were crafted to empower children, encouraging a lifelong love for art and literature.