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What do you think of when you hear the music of the accordion? Does it take you to an Italian restaurant with a man strolling from table to table serenading the guests with his accordion? Maybe you're picturing yourself in the middle of a polka festival or Oktoberfest with the band featuring an accordion up on stage getting the crowd dancing along? This unique instrument turns any occasion or event into a festive one whether solo serenading or playing along with a band. 2ID-Events will bring some culture to your musical entertainment by booking this gorgeous Accordion Player for your event. No matter what the style of the event, beautiful musician is above everything, a real entertainer, engaging her audience throughout her sets.
2ID-Events guarantees unforgettable feelings and lasting memories with brilliant accordion display on themed parties, weddings, corporate events, drink receptions, product launches, special occasions, private and family parties, festivals, street events etc.

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