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Elaiza is a multi-award winning professional belly dancer, choreographer with the certificate of League of Professionals of East Dance on teaching and judging activity. She is a teacher of Oriental dances based in AIM Dance Academy. She has a wide range of bellydance repertoires. A variety of oriental dance styles, such as: – Raks, Sharqi – classic oriental dance; -Tabla solo (drum solo); – Saidi cane-dance; – Baladi dance; – Khaligy dance (dance of GCC countries); – Belly dance with use of: sword, candelabra, double veils, fan veils, isis wings, zills; -Oriental pop; Fusion dance (incorporates elements of flamenco with belly dance through the use of the following props or stylizatons:flamenco fans, flamenco turns and skirt work) To make this dance show more unique, we offer collaboration with different musicians, such as violinist, oud player, tabla player, etc. If you want to impress your audience with something different, Elaiza’s show is exactly what you need!

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