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Wonder how to liven up your events and create a fun atmosphere? Well, 2ID EVENTS Roaming Magicians will blow your guests minds! With their professionally trained ability to produce many great tricks and illusions, you’ll spend time in a state of constant wonder! 2ID EVENTS Roaming Magicians type of magic is based on numerous close-up tricks, comedy and humour and it creates a pleasant, funny and very friendly atmosphere. This close-up magic is a great form of interactive entertainment suited for all events including weddings, cocktail parties, and birthdays. It can be performed anywhere, and is a great way to get guests to relax. Also 2ID EVENTS Roaming Magicians act can provide a great talking point and opportunity for guests to interact with the entertainment and each other. Whether it be roaming from table to table or group to group, your entire event will experience all that the Roaming Magician has to offer. You can be certain that 2ID EVENTS Roaming Magicians performance will be entertaining, magical and the highlight of your event!

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