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Extremely eye-catching Laser Show in its pure manifestation is a spectacle, in which the principal element of the impact on the audience is bright and unusual animation, created by laser beams, graphical projection on flat surface or in the foggy air, creating light shafts and tunnels, waves, rays and planes so called beam show. These can be combined together and create simultaneous beam and screen show. Usually generated visuals are combined with music composition.

Laser Show can be an independent art unit that is included in the program of cultural events, festivals, concerts, etc and customized fulfill personalized requirements. There are a large collection prepared shows, accompanied by music and designed for different events and audiences. Wedding, birthday, celebrations, New year parties…Laser Show can be a supporting entertainment program or used as a live support to other show, such as dance performance, fire show, acrobats and more. As a show or spectacular support of the event, lasers are widely used at celebrations such as National Day, New Year, sport events, at music festivals, stage concerts or at night clubs.

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