Just something special we had few days ago! A wedding to only the closest relatives and friends. A runaway to Dubai and a special day to remember for the lifetime. We are proud to be a part of it and we have done our best to make it wonderful. The meeting guests ceremony is always a challenging one – as it makes the mood for the whole night. When entering the guests were met by… Paparazzi – an interviewer and a photographer! Each guest felt really special, like a super star surrounded with attention.

The guys impressed everyone and the evening had started!

Closer to the middle there happened a “scandal”… one of the waitresses has poured a full glass of cold water at the brother of the bride. Oops! People were trying to help, handing tissues and worrying, the brother became angry. And the waitress herself seemed to be so disappointed… But suddenly she started… singing! And another waiter took a guitar and accompanied her! The merry and emotional pop purée of the most beautiful romantic songs were the present for the audience by Singing Waiters! The effect of the surprise was splendid! Just as we always do!