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The Shadow Dance Show is an unusual stage performance that will mesmerize your guests. Based on the well-known fact that any form or shape can be drawn by our bodies as shadow pictures, the actors have to practice a high-level physical training in order to be unbelievably flexible so that they compose anything out of their own shadows.
The shadow dancers of 2ID Events are those not afraid to challenge the traditional interpretation of shadow theatre with their own ideas mixing modern dance and acrobatics with acting elements to create their own brand-new fantastic interpretation of this art.
If you want to create an unforgettable, unique and quite a personalized event, the shadow dance show is exactly what you need. Only 2ID Events offer its clients a unique opportunity to customize the performance scenario and idea: for instance, wedding/anniversary performances can include moments of a love story and specific details like if both of the lovers met each other on a tennis court or in a plane.

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