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2ID EVENTS notices not to repeat this at home! We provide real unique and innovative performance with hundreds of litres of liquid nitrogen along with its danger and consequences. Our artists turn it into an enjoyable show sans the risk. This team is consisted of educated chemists, physics and mathematics professionals. They developed technologies and special effects that have never existed on the planet until now!

Chemical Show includes smoke guns streaming as high as 5 metres up in the air, huge spectacular explosions, giant clouds of steam descending onto the audience, frozen objects getting smashed and more. Amazing performance also contains music and video effects with the elements of scientist’s battle on the stage. Your guests will be impressed by this brilliant performance.

The main component of the show is that before the start of the show we will get the guests to know more about liquid nitrogen, we will pour the guests with it, add it to their drinks and offer them nitrogen popcorn. During this time we’ll get the audience intrigued and give them a peek into what they are going to see on the stage soon.

2ID EVENTS recommends this show for corporate events, festivals, private parties and stage performances etc. We guarantee this Chemical Show is safety!

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