Event Company Vs. Entertainment Company: What’s the Difference?


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The Difference Between Event Company and Entertainment Company




You have probably come across companies that either call themselves entertainment or event providers. Although there are services that both types of companies can offer, it is important to differentiate what an event company produces and what an entertainment company can do. We have taken up the responsibility of providing a detailed overview and comparison of the services that you can get from the entertainment company and the event company. 

What Does Entertainment Company Offer?


When talking about an entertainment company, it is essential to pay attention to the word “entertainment.” It means that such a provider organizes entertainment activities only. The company can help with show selection, artists’ bookings, and control of the performance. 


There are many experienced entertainment companies in the UAE and neighboring countries that can offer interesting and captivating shows for your event. When choosing an entertainment company, you need to pay attention to the following factors:


  • The size of the database of shows and artists that the company has;

  • The number of created show programs;

  • A well-developed website;

  • Feedback from previous clients;

  • Well-managed social networking;

  • The tone of voice, expertise, and friendliness of the managers.


With these points in mind, you can find the best entertainment company and get a top-level show for your occasion. 

What Does Event Company Provide?


An event company provides a broader range of services. Besides show program creation and artists’ booking, such a company can take care of all the preparation activities of your event:


  • Provide practical event organization recommendations from professional experience;

  • Develop a creative concept of the event, write a scenario according to the client’s request, and create a unique show program;

  • Help with finding the best location according to the theme and style of the event.

  • Select the best performances and the most interesting artists for your occasion;

  • Take care of artist management, logistics, equipment rental, and all other organizational activities;

  • Select and control contractors;

  • Monitor the compliance of the show with the script;

  • Agree on the best conditions and prices for the client;

  • Deal perfectly with all the possible force majeure in the event organization;

  • Control every single detail to provide you with a top-level event.


There are fewer full event management organizers on the market compared to the number of entertainment companies. Not every entertainment company can help you with the event preparation, but the event partner will manage the organizational activities on the top level. When choosing a reliable event company, check out the following points:


  • A professional team of event managers;

  • Experience with event organization of any scale and format;

  • Work without templates - each event should be unique;

  • A great portfolio;

  • The database of unique artists and shows from all around the world;

  • Quick and friendly responses;

  • A personal event coordinator;

  • The company proved to be responsive to any changes and force majeures.


If you need a fully organized event, it is worth contacting a credible event company with a huge experience in the field. You will be able to control the whole preparation process, but you won’t have to worry about managing different contractors and dealing with organizational tasks by yourself.

Summing Up


Now, you know the main difference between an entertainment company and an event company. While the entertainment company can help you with selecting and booking a remarkable show program, the specter of services the event company provides covers not only entertainment but a full event management organization. Therefore, you can get an event organized from scratch and not worry about artist bookings, a show program, logistics, equipment, technical setup, decorations, and so on.


Depending on what services you need for your event, whether it is an entertainment part of a full event preparation, you can find a reliable entertainment or event partner that can help you with it. An event company can provide assistance with the only entertainment program, while an entertainment company will not work on the whole event organization. Therefore, choose the company that provides the services you need.


2ID Events is a renowned event company that has organized more than 600 events and show programs. Our company has been in the entertainment industry for more than 5 years with the biggest database of unique shows - 1500+ original performances and unique artists. If you are looking for a reliable entertainment or event organizer, you are welcome to contact us. Our dedicated event managers will help you to organize a unique and memorable event!



Alia Shchiglo

Co-founder and executive director of 2ID Group

"Our aim and the greatest happiness are to create a positive and memorable experience for you and your guests."

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