Event Organization Trends 2019 in the UAE (part 2)


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Event Organization Trends in UAE to Catch in 2019. Part 2



In the previous post, we started describing the trends in the event organization in the UAE and abroad. You have learned about the first five tendencies, and today, we will finish up with the last five approaches to consider for your event.

6. Complex ceiling decorations.



A lot of recent top-level celebrations had complex ceiling decorations, from extensive draperies to original floor-to-ceiling chandeliers. It became a fresh approach of shifting design accents in the indoor decorations. For example, the 20th Warner Bros Golden Globes party was decorated with large golden globes composition above the bar area, created by JOWY Productions (on the photo above). These bright accents contributed to the overall black-and-white color theme remarkably.

7. New patterns.


This season, most of the private parties and public events were far from the minimalist decor. Many large-scale events had complex, colorful patterns, and the same worked for chamber gatherings. For example, a paradise garden became the leading theme of HBO's annual Emmy party. Large floral patterns were present on carpets, furniture, and other decorations. 


It also worth noting the official Grammy Awards party, produced by the Academy of Recording and Angel City Designs. The theme of a new masquerade ball brought by event organizers created a unique experience for all the guests. What is also remarkable, the color scheme has been changing during the night. The celebration started with light pastel colors in the style of Marie Antoinette, and the lightning was gradually turning into deeper purple and green shades.

8. Gold, gold, everything is gold.

The events of this year have been covered in gold and glamorous details, and it is no joke. For example, there was a remarkable installation of dangling golden tablets at the entrance to the Delta Air Lines private party before the Grammy ceremony. This installation worked as a unique entrance and an attractive photo zone. 


Another great example is a Turner channel party for Emmy Awards. Firm Event Design company presented a unique interior design of golden highlights, custom-made chandeliers, candlelights, and velvet furniture in emerald tones as a contract. This color combination, with the prevailing golden accents, allowed to create an atmosphere of elegance, wealth, and comfort.

9. Holograms.

Holograms make the wow-moments! And these are the most important for any event. What is more, hologram presentation becomes more and more affordable for public and private events. It is not about sci-fi films anymore because holograms are the reality that event companies use nowadays. A giant moving statue or animated visuals will captivate the attention of your guests, and all Instagram stories will be dedicated to the fantastic event.

10. AR/VR technologies.

AR/VR technologies are bringing new insights and fresh approaches to the usual occasions, especially when it comes to large-scale public events. AR/VR rooms, walking areas, labyrinths - brands are racing with each other to deliver a unique experience to the guests. If you wonder what the major entertainment tendencies will be in the future, look no more - it is AR/VR that will rule the events.


These are the main trends of event organizational activities throughout the world. You may have seen some or most of these design and approach tendencies but haven’t paid attention. Or, alternatively, you may have seen such realizations in magazines and social media. Are you considering bringing one or several of these points to your event? We are here to turn your dreams into event reality.


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