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Event Organization Trends in UAE to Catch in 2019. Part 1



The year 2019 has been full of new tendencies coupled with patterns from the past years. 2ID Events are ready to highlight the top 10 event organizational trends that proved to be extremely popular all over the world. Let’s start!

1. Multifunctional zoning.

It is important to make use of all the venues of your event. That’s why this year, many big public and private events are composed in “zones” based on different attendee categories and popular options. Some of these zones can be multifunctional to provide a variety of services depending on the time of the event and the number of guests. 


Charging zones have become an essential part of any large event. Also, pamper zones are kept trending up through the last years and are highly popular among guests, so it is definitely worth including the pamper zone in your event zone planning.  

2. Color dynamics.

In 2019, large bright areas and bold colors have become the leading solutions in event styling. Color defines the atmosphere and creates highlights, no matter if it is a table set up or scene decoration. 


It is no surprise that the newest Pantone color sets trend in the event industry. This year, a deep violet color known as “18-3838 Ultra Violet” can be seen at a number of global events.


What is more, it is not always the fabric used to create color accents. The newest solution in the lighting that can be either stable or dynamic throughout the whole event. As you have probably guessed, dynamic lighting is the trendiest way to add color to the indoor or outdoor event. Therefore, the trend of the year 2019 is color dynamics.


A small tip: it should not obviously be a plain color. What about projecting floral prints or even Van Gogh’s paintings on the walls or tables in the color theme of the event? Think about it.

3. Art food design.

It is not just about desserts but all the catering. However, desserts tend to be the most creative in appearance compared to other dishes. The main trend is the use of natural decorations such as leaves or lemon peels. Another trend is the exact opposite of the first one: you can find a lot of neon solutions on catering tables and moving walls. 


Ice sculptures are the forever classics at any type of event. The mastery of ice sculpture makers in growing through the years, and there is a tendency to make ice sculptures more functional: the bar comes at the base of the statue. Desserts also can be located near the ice sculptures creating unique aesthetics of the occasion.


Art bar is another trending option, usually organized at large-scale public events. Thus, a chef creates artistic food pieces right in front of the guests. What is more, the chef can improvise and create unique desserts based on visitors’ wishes. It adds to a memorable experience and exclusive food design.

4. Use of local artworks.

Local artworks can bring uniqueness to any location. By showcasing local talent, you get an original piece that suits the theme of your occasion and express your generosity. Many known figures and famous brands have turned to this increasingly popular solution.


Moreover, it is possible to create unique pieces in collaboration with local artists, specifically for your event. The artist can decorate walls, create beautiful paintings, prepare unique tableware, write an accompanying music, design wedding dress, plan interior, prepare a remarkable show, and much more. It is a win-win solution as you get a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and the artist receives another beautiful point to his or her portfolio.

5. Sponsors elaborated in the event’s theme.

No guest wants to feel oversold nor sponsor enjoys poop presentation at the event. Therefore, the event industry collaborates with brands the way they can position themselves well and at the same time, fit the theme of the event. Sponsorship can be creatively elaborated as part of storytelling, and it should be considered during location design. So, no more random banners here and there.


By putting a brand into the idea of the event, the organizers can deliver guests some fun experiences during the occasion and let the brand to form meaningful connections with visitors. For example, at public events, sponsors can participate in the following activities:


  • Workshops. A brand can organize educational or engaging activities related to the theme of the event.

  • Tester/taster stands. If the product manufactured by the sponsor can somehow be useful in terms of the event theme, a brand can create a stand to allow guests to try or taste its production.

  • Interactive photo zones. It is a must at small to large occasions! Event organizers can help the brand to create the best-looking zone that will fit the location and the idea of the event.

  • Live streaming. Having a sponsor live streaming at the event is a great way for both brands and event organizers to reach a bigger target audience on social media.  

  • Q&A session. To get the auditory familiar with the brand and tell more about the mission and core values of the company, Question-and-Answer sessions work great. It is important to announce Q&A beforehand and show the audience the value of this meeting related to the idea of the event.


Next time, we will continue with the last five trends in the event organization in the UAE and worldwide. Stay tuned to learn more about the event tendencies of this year!

Alia Shchiglo

Co-founder and executive director of 2ID Group

"Our aim and the greatest happiness are to create a positive and memorable experience for you and your guests."

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