What Company Can Be Considered as Entertainment Partner?


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What Company Can Be Considered as Entertainment Partner?



Event organization is pretty hard to manage by yourself. It can come as a significant challenge to control all the scheduling and executing, from catering to guest management, from decorations to technical supplies. Fortunately, there are event companies ready to help you with organizational activities. But how to recognize a professional event company? And what company can be considered as a reliable entertainment partner?


The portfolio and feedback are what show the professionalism of a company. When you are looking for help in event planning and organization, we strongly recommend checking previous events made by the company and what clients say about them. It is not hard to find well-organized events and who was working on them. Expert event companies are proud to show great events and performances organized by them.


It is important to emphasize that an entertainment partner doesn’t sell shows or artists. It is about the complex services that the company provides. When talking about full-management services, such companies not only select performers for occasions but also take care of rental, accommodation, logistics, branding, decor and other necessary activities. 


But if an event company operates with not all the important features, they may need the help of another entertainment company. For example, if the agency is expert in decorations and catering but lacks a big database of artists to offer their clients. And that’s what the entertainment partner is.

The entertainment partner is the event company that works in collaboration with another event company/private contractors to provide the client with the greatest entertainment activities and superior organizational services. So, the partner takes care of a part of organizational questions agreed in the offer and works in pair with the first event firm to deliver the best result.


A lot of small to medium event agencies seek the help of an expert entertainment partner to manage the events they’ve got to organize. It is a common practice in the entertainment market and a win-win solution both for clients and managers.

What Services An Entertainment Partner Can Work On

The entertainment partner can manage any part of the organizational process. It can even include the full-service event production in case the main event company works as a contractor. So, the services can include:

  • Full-management services

  • Artist selection from the existing database

  • The search of performers according to the request

  • Show production

  • Creative direction

  • Branding

  • Logistics and transfer

  • Artist management services

  • Stage design and technical equipment

  • Photo and video services

  • Technical support

Entertainment partners are usually seasoned players in the entertainment industry. Therefore, they know a lot about organizational pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to manage artists and technical personnel, create great shows with a reasonable budget, and so on. You can rely on the entertainment partner as you do on your team.

Core Values of Entertainment Partner

Every event management company strives to deliver the best-organized occasion to their clients. Among the vital values of every entertainment partner are the following:

  • provide the top-level services of every activity that the entertainment partner is in charge of;

  • see the big picture to avoid any small circumstances;

  • every move is calculated to deliver the best result;

  • every event team member does the right thing;

  • people as the most critical value.

With this kit of event management values, every credible entertainment partner can create the most appealing and memorable event. Clients will feel it, and they will be forever grateful for the dedication and care provided by the event management team.

2ID Events as Your Reliable Entertainment Partner

If you have been looking for a credible entertainment partner, 2ID Events is the right choice. We have the largest database of unique artists and one-of-a-kind shows to impress even the most demanding clients. Working in the entertainment industry for more than five years, 2ID Events established itself as a full-service event organization company in the Middle East area and far more. We know how to make an unforgettable event and how to organize it the best way.

Whether you need help with selecting artists and shows, finding locations, technical equipment, catering, or photographers, we will be happy to take care of it and join the organizational process. If you are just planning the occasion, we can help with concept development as well. If you need full-management event services, our expert team is here for you.

Contact 2ID Events and work with the best entertainment partner!

Alia Shchiglo

Co-founder and executive director of 2ID Group

"Our aim and the greatest happiness are to create a positive and memorable experience for you and your guests."

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