Children’s Parties: How to Make an Event Safe


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Importance of Safety Measures at Children’s Parties



Organizing a children's event is not only writing a scenario and planning the entertainment, but it also includes going over all the details related to the safety of the site. Every event organizer has to plan the occasion carefully, taking all the little things into account. 

It is essential to create a happy atmosphere and draw the attention of children to the entertainment program. But also, it is important to exclude any possible risk of injuries or emergencies during the event. 

Therefore, if you decide to turn to an entertainment agency or animators for the children’s party, make sure to clarify everything regarding the safety measures. Do not hesitate to check with managers and performers all the details, whether they are using safe outfits, toys, and equipment. None of the props should be able to cause any possible harm to children health.

Tips on Keeping Children’s Parties Safe and Fun

First of all, the more children participate in the event, the stricter and more thorough the safety measures must be. Adults should always be aware of where each child is, so no emergencies happen. It is recommended to hire a specific person who will constantly monitor the entire event and won’t overview any little incident. It is also desirable that if you are organizing an event in a public place, there should be no outsiders, only you and the guests. It will ensure the safety of belongings and people.

Make sure to take into consideration the specifics of the place where the celebration will be held, as well as what equipment is used. Safety matters, especially if there will be pyrotechnics, candles, additional musical, or complex game settings. All probable dangers must be taken into account and calculated, and an adult specialist must look after techs and tools during the whole kids’ event.

Things to Check When Organizing a Party Outdoors

Arranging a birthday party, a fun holiday, or any other children's party in the open air is a great idea that will appeal not only to kids but also to adults. But for the event to bring only positive emotions, you should carefully select the appropriate venue for the celebration. The best option is to go for a flat open area, which is clearly visible from anywhere. 

If you are planning to hold children's holidays in nature, it is necessary to remove large twigs, branches, and other dangerous objects from the site. A river, lake, or pond shouldn't be near - children will undoubtedly show interest in it. Make sure the chosen outdoor location is safe, and all the decorations are well-thought-out.

Do you want to organize a water party with a bouncy castle? Make sure that the castle is not too high, and it has some safety barriers and other vital safe details.  

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Pyrotechnics

Using pyrotechnics at children’s parties requires special precautions. You need to be aware of all the specifics of using fireworks, roman candles, and any other items and make sure that there is no real possibility of hazard for kids. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind:

  1. It is forbidden to use pyrotechnics indoors, as well as to launch fireworks from balconies and loggias.

  2. Only one of the adults should explode the pyrotechnics, while others should keep an eye on kids.

  3. It is necessary to exclude the presence of people and animals in the exploding zone.

  4. There should be no electric wires, fuels, lubricants, trees, residential, and farm buildings in the area of ​​the pyrotechnics.


Do You Have a Fantastic Idea for a Children’s Party?

Of course, every parent wants to make the event for children magical and memorable. How great it would be to create a personal Disneyland with fireworks and bouncy castles! The more complex the idea is, the more you should think about safety measures. There is no "too much" thing when it comes to precautions. 

The organization of the children’s party is real art. Therefore, it is crucial to know what nuances should be taken into account when choosing an entertainment company or creating an event by yourself. Keep in mind all the safety measures and make your celebration unforgettable!


Alia Shchiglo

Co-founder and executive director of 2ID Group

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