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Team-building Events: 7 Most Creative and Engaging Activities



The larger your company becomes, the more employees and departments it has. And for productive interaction, there is a real need to unite your team. For this, a special type of event for employees has long been introduced, known as team building.



Team building is aimed at strengthening relations and cooperation between workers, as well as revealing the individual or leadership qualities of each participant. However, a lot of people look upon such socializing events as boring occasions to live through. That is why the mission of an organizer is to make a team-building event really engaging and memorable. 


For most people, team building is associated either with corporate evenings or sporting events. However, the scenarios for such activities are limited only by the imagination of the organizers. How to make the event truly engaging for the whole team?

  • Make a mini version of popular world competitions. Let it be the Olympic Games, Eurovision, or a tournament with table football or paintball. You can even make an Overwatch competition. The main thing is to catch the interest of most of your employees. These games will unite the members with the spirit of competition and give shared memories for closer communication.
  • With the growing popularity of in-house quests and escape rooms, you can organize team games in this direction. Choose the best theme based on your team’s votes and motivate mates to visit it, dividing them into mini-teams or uniting by departments. This type of intelligent team building will allow you not only to single out a leader among employees but also improve mutual understanding within teams.
  • Survival courses, development courses, first aid courses - with a team-building event, you can help people unite under a common idea, interests, or join forces. Such classes involve both developing skills and increasing trust between participants.
  • Joint creativity or art workshops. By taking care of the mental relaxation of your employees, you can also create a friendly and kind atmosphere in the office. If you give employees the opportunity to paint, sculpt pots, or decoupage together, this will allow them to relax, and find common topics for communication.
  • There is nothing more motivating and unifying a group of people than a joint good deed. Both for the image of your company and rallying people, charity events and social team-building projects are essential. Gather volunteers at least once a quarter to visit animal shelters, plant trees together, or participate in charity races.
  • Do not forget about trends and flashmobs! If flashmobs like a freeze have already gone down in history, this does not mean that you can't follow the new trends. Now, there is a new team-building format at the peak called People formation. With the help of imagination, planning, and some clothing, you can gather employees in groups and create pictures, inscriptions, and whole plots. It gives the whole team a chance of receiving close communication, creating funny moments, and saving videos for memory.
  • Do not forget about themed holidays. The company's birthday, new year, the day of your profession - it is worth noting everything on the calendar and create the idea of ​​the day. Let everyone wear the same T-shirts or let people come to work in their pajamas, arrange a movie evening after the working day to watch the last episode of the popular TV series, and so on. Everything should be creative and engaging, even within the framework of your company's laws.


There is nothing more important in planning a team-building event than the personal involvement of your colleagues. Evaluate the mood of your team correctly, find out what is attractive to the workers, and do not be afraid to repeat popular events, making them a tradition. If you need any help with creating an amazing team-building event, 2ID Events can help you with a bunch of great ideas and a professional organization!

Alia Shchiglo

Co-founder and executive director of 2ID Group

"Our aim and the greatest happiness are to create a positive and memorable experience for you and your guests."

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