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5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Booking Roaming Entertainment for Your Event



Although events can be pretty different in scale and theme, any occasion should always have one characteristic - it must be exciting and unforgettable. Once you decide on the theme of the occasion and the atmosphere you want to create, you will probably start thinking about the type of entertaining activities that will work for your event the best. This article is dedicated to the roaming entertainment that is an ideal welcoming solution for private and public events of any scale.


Roaming entertainment can revive and accent the occasion with diverse thematical images and activities, create a mood for all guests, and leave a good impression of you as the event organizer. Walkabout entertainment is all about professional, interactive, and engaging activities to make your event memorable and appreciated by every person attending the occasion.



What is roaming entertainment? By booking walkabout performers, you hire artists with amazing costumes and makeup according to the theme of your event. These actors don’t perform on a stage but walk around guests, greet and interact with them, take photos, engage in fun games, etc.


For example, you can make an event in carnival-style and order masked walkabout characters, growth figures, clowns, dancers, and other suitable performers. You can create an entertainment scenario with mini-games and fun quizzes so that the artists will not only walk around guests and take photos with them but involve them in some fun activities. 


Such entertainment will instantly make the event more engaging and fascinating, and your guests will post photos and feedback on social networks to share with the world how cool your event is. What can be more beneficial than treating your guests with the best entertainment activities and getting instant positive feedback?

5 Advantages of Booking Roaming Entertainment for Your Event 


So, why it is worth including the roaming entertainment on the planning list of your event?


  1. Guests will have a positive impression.

Walkabout characters usually are the ones that welcome visitors and interact with them before the main show or speech, during breaks, and after the main program. Thus, your guests will have an unrivaled and lasting positive impression about you, your company, products, and services.


  1. Guests won’t get bored.

If you have a long event, you won’t need to worry about your guests getting bored. Roaming performers will take care of keeping visitors involved in different activities and the theme of the occasion. For example, artists can walk on the whole territory of the event, entertain your guests with their nice appearance and fun behavior, start small-talks, mini-games, or fun quizzes. Also, you can create a couple of photo zones to let the guests take amazing photos of themselves and together with walkabout characters.



  1. This type of entertainment sets the tone for the event.

Walkabout characters are the solution to creating and maintaining a relaxing atmosphere during the whole event. Roaming entertainment aims to keep guests engaged in activities, having a good time, and enjoying every minute of your occasion. A fun but relaxed atmosphere of the evening is the primary goal of any organizer.


  1. Roaming entertainment unites guests.

Thanks to the walkabout entertainment, guests will be involved in the theme of the evening and interact with artists and each other. This way, visitors will get acquainted, start communicating more and feel themselves a part of the happening.  


  1. You can select the walkabout entertainment that will fit the theme of your event perfectly.

Depending on the concept of the occasion, you can find and book walkabout performers dressed as famous persons, magical creatures, astronauts, or whatever characters fit the theme of the event. If in doubt, you can always get advice or suggestions by contacting our team.



If you want to leave a lasting positive impression on your guests, it is worth considering roaming entertainment to make your occasion bright, fun, and memorable. It is possible to find and hire walkabout performers with images and costumes that will fit your event perfectly. You will be amazed by the level of entertainment that roaming performers can deliver. 

Make your event truly unforgettable with roaming entertainment!

Alia Shchiglo

Co-founder and executive director of 2ID Group

"Our aim and the greatest happiness are to create a positive and memorable experience for you and your guests."

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