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Light Painting is live performance using an original technique to create paintings using light. As the lights in the performance venue are turned off and audience is plunged into darkness, swooping arcs of light “paint” a wall-sized canvas. Drawing on the vast luminescent area with ray of light, it is possible to create various images, from simple drawings to realistic portraits. In front of the audience animated story arises and fades after a while – no spectator is left untouched by this stunning visual performance. Allegorical and symbolic figures and landscapes spring forth, only to disappear in minutes. As each element fades and is replaced, the audience finds itself in a mysterious world of dreams and delight.

Using this latest visual technology, 2ID EVENTS light artists can draw ornaments, graphic and text elements, logos and writing – ideal for companies looking to promote their brand or product or for themed events. An unique and ephemeral form of performance art, the light paintings fade in minutes, leaving amazing images within the minds of the spectators.

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