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Main Areas for Booking
Giant Robots

Our interactive Giant Robots proved to be a perfect entertainment for various events: from small private gatherings to big conferences, festivals, large-scale promotions, and public events.


For Entertainment

  • Corporate parties and after-parties with Giant Robots
  • DJ / PJ Giant Robot (dance parties with Robots)
  • Giant Robot-hostess
  • A photozone with Giant Robots
  • Guests’ entertainment at events

Popular for:
Events of any scale and theme (corporate parties, conferences, trainings, exhibitions, product launches, private parties, etc.)


For Business

  • Giant Robots for promo activities
  • Giant Robots for brand promotion
  • Giant Robots - company’s heroes
  • Giant Robots for filming an advertising
  • Giant Robots for increasing guests’ engagement and attracting their attention during events

Popular for:
Festivals, malls, car dealerships, exhibitions, expo centers, cinemas, brand promotions, IT companies


For Children’s Parties

  • Show programs for kids
  • Birthday parties with Giant Robots
  • Proms with Giant Robot
  • Entertainment and educational center openings

Popular for:
Private birthday parties, family recreation centers, malls, schools, kindergartens, training and educational centers.


For Event Agencies and Event Organizers

We are pleased to prepare unique scripts and show programs for your event, taking into account all the ideas and preferences of the client.

Giant Robots don't require any management activities from your side: the actors arrive with technicians and coordinators, so you won't have to worry about the organizational details.

You can order a complete Giant Robot Show or book a cool Giant Robot for your event's needs.

Let the сaptain Supertron
amaze you with his entertainment

Black Giant
Robot Supertron

Black Giant Robot is the most impressive costume, according to our customers’ feedback. It has the most spectacular blue illuminating that perfectly highlights costume details. He is the strongest robot on the Earth! And it is the guests’ happiness, laughing, cheering that help him to grow. Supertron is dedicated to creating the most unforgettable entertainment experience for children and adults. You can be sure that he always has some unique features to show so the auditory can’t even look away.

Technical Specifications

This robot is popular for evening occasions and indoor entertainment, from children’s activities to public events. The costume has various sound, smoke, light effects. It is possible to create new sound based on the scenario. It is easy to move, dance in this robot costume. It may be difficult to go up and down stairs because of the massive foot details.

Supertron Presentation*.pdf 3.1 mGb
Be prepared for an amazing
performance brought by the friendly
dancing machine aka Beetle
specifically for your occasion!

Yellow Giant
Robot Beetle

Yellow Giant Robot is the most popular costume because of its signature look. Beetle looks like he walked off the pages of comics, animations, and films. He is always surrounded by children and teenagers and gets along with people quickly. Arcade games, computer games, video games - he can talk about it for hours fascinating kids and adults! It's not the first thing that springs to mind by looking at Yellow Giant Robot, but he really loves to dance! Once Beetle hears music, he immediately starts dancing.

Technical Specifications

This robot is great for outdoor activities and children’s birthday party with its bright color and significant size. It looks great both live and on photos. The costume has various sound, smoke, light effects. It is possible to create new sound. It is easy to move, dance in this robot costume. It may be difficult to go up and down stairs because of the massive foot details.

Supertron Presentation*.pdf 3.1 mGb
You are never bored when
Optimum is around!

Are you ready for the funniest party
you have ever had?

Steel Giant
Robot Optimum

Optimum is one of the most popular options for public and private events. Besides, this costume is the most maneuverable, allowing the animator inside to entertain young and adult guests with the biggest range of moving activities. Optimum always brings a positive atmosphere full of fun activities for kids and their parents. This Steel Giant Robot is on guard of your great mood! You can’t be sad when Optimum is here! This robot costume can take care of any number of guests.

Technical Specifications

Steel Giant Robot is a universal option suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. It has an impressive appearance with and without illumination. The costume has various sound, smoke, light effects. It is easy to move, dance in this robot costume. It may be difficult to go up and down stairs because of the massive foot details.

Supertron Presentation*.pdf 3.1 mGb

Our Prices

*The Special Offer is valid for booking of Robots until 8th November 2019

Prices Included

  1. Giant Robot costumes
  2. Qualified actors to work inside the costumes
  3. A technician and event coordinator
  4. Amazing light and sound effects
  5. Fully interactive costumes
  6. Fantastic accessories
  7. Unique show-program
  8. Scriptwriting based on your event’s specifics
  9. Fun entertainment activities for children and adults
  10. Photos with your guests
  11. 5 sets for 25 min

Custom Option:

If you need a different duration of the show, a different set of accessories, specific light and sounds effects, branding color or logo, contuct us to find out about the customized solutions!

How it works?

Fill the order form

Let us know about your upcoming event, and our event manager will get back to you shortly. We will discuss all the details, including date, location, timing, and other preferences.

Our event manager identifies your preferences and wishes

The more details you provide, the better. If you are just planning an event, no worries, our managers will help you to plan entertainment the best way.

We prepare a detailed offer and calculate the cost

Based on your needs and preferences, we will send you a quotation according to the discussed organizational details.

You sign the offer and make a prepayment

Check the received offer and confirm the quotation. Once we receive your confirmation and prepayment, we start working on your entertainment.

We deliver the Giant Robots to your party,
and you enjoy a great event!

It was fantastic! We have ordered two giant robots for my son, he turned ten, and so we had a big children’s party at our house. Once the robots entered the room, everyone happily screamed! The robots were entertaining our guests for 2 hours in a row, and everyone was in great shock with many positive emotions! Children liked the robots so much they didn’t want them to go!

Jake a private client

These giant robots became our survivor! We didn’t know what to do with the opening of our new toy store. Then we saw these robots.... like really from a movie! It was superb, really great! We ordered a yellow robot for the first half of a day and two more robots for the evening. I should say there were so many happy people, thanks to them! And everyone wanted a picture with super tall robots! Like if you got in your favourite movie! Thank you so much!

Mary a private client

I highly recommend this robot entertainment for your event. We ordered a blue one for a corporate event. The costume is done so professionally that we were amazed by the quality and well-thought details. The blue illumination of the robot looked great in the hall because our company’s color is blue, too!

Steve a private client

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