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2ID Events company offers new unique flaming show called The Sands of Arabia. This show is intended especially for outdoor venues (beach clubs and bars, safari, any kind of open-air parties). Its uniqueness consists in enchanting visual effect which is created by means of fire and special mixes. At full synchronization with music this show creates an effect of being in a center of volcano, that leaves unforgettable feelings and the effect of flaming sand causes full delight of the public.
This show can take place in a venue from 25 sq.m. to 100 sq.m. and is fully scalable and customizable according to your demands and the nature of an event. All fire safety rules are carefully observed, which makes the show absolutely safe for public.
If you want to make you party or event truly unique, 2ID Events’ flaming show is the best way to do it and amaze your guests!

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