Head of the Company

I’m very glad to greet you on behalf of the 2ID-Events team!

It’s 15 years already we are working at the UAE market creating amazing shows famous all over the world.

As you may know we had started as the entertainment agency, organized events and performances. As we were growing we have come to being the biggest and the most famous show creators in Dubai. Now we have the only one visualization studio and all the unique equipment for the most complicated technological shows. The database of artists we work with is the biggest in the Middle East.

So I can be certain when saying we can do everything if it’s not against the laws of physics and people)))

Moreover we have succeeded to gather the best ever team of creators, editors, technicians, artists, organizers, performers and others who are working as one and providing the county with the incredible images and performances.

Yes, we are the best.
Yes, we do all under the roof.
Yes, all the bests in this sphere are our partners.
Yes, we do it all unique like no one else

And, yes… Everything you want – you got it. From us. Welcome!