1,500+ unique performances from all over the world in our catalogue, and we take care of all the organizational processes. Let’s select an outstanding show for your event that will make a WOW effect for sure!

What is
2ID Events?

  • 600+ organized events
  • 14 countries we work
  • 7 languages we speak
  • 5 years of experience
  • 1500+ shows in our database

What do we offer?

We don’t just provide artists or shows.

We offer full entertainment management services:

Selection of artists

We choose the most suitable artists based on your event needs for free. If there is no artist in our database that will fit your show, we will find an amazing one within 24 hours.


All bookings, rentals, artists’ accommodation, provision of meals, travel documentation, transfers and so on are on us.

Personal event coordinator

The event manager will control the organizational process right up to the final result. Your event coordinator will always be in touch with you.

Legal documentation

We take care of all legal support queries, including agreements, artist contracts, and check-lists. You don’t have to worry about managing artists by yourself.

Protection from force majeurs

When working on your event, we take responsibility for the outcome. We respond to changes quickly, and we always have a plan B.

Rental of equipment and costumes creation

We have world-class seamstresses and designers that can create unimaginable costumes for your event. We help with rental and delivery of the necessary equipment.

3 Reasons Why Clients Choose us

We work with artists directly

We provide full entertainment
management services

We are flexible and
dedicated to your event

«Our aim and the greatest happiness are to create a positive and memorable experience for you and your guests. We take care of all the organizational activities so that you can enjoy the event with your guests!​»

Alia Shchiglo,

Сo-Founder and Executive Director of 2ID Group

Our Portfolio

Aviation Day Celebration for the Department of Civil Aviation

We organized a unique corporate event for the Department of Sharjah Civil Aviation. There were more than 20 variants of the stand design to choose from, and we had to incorporate the company’s colors into interior decor. We decided on the most remarkable option to entertain and amaze guests.

200 VIP visitors

Preparation time - 4 months

Event length - 1 day

Location - Department of Sharjah Civil Aviation

Saudi National Day 2018

It was an honor to organize entertainment activities for such an important public occasion. Taking into consideration thousands of visitors on the occasion of the National Day, we went the extra mile to prepare different activities in Al Qassim.

35,000 visitors

Preparation time - 2 months

Event length - 3 days

Location - Al Qassim, KSA

Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

2ID Events took part in the organizational process of the latest Sharjah International Book Fair. We have prepared entertainment activities and activations for young readers, making their experience of visiting the book fair even more interesting and memorable.

Preparation time - 1 months

Event length - 5 days

Location - Sharjah Expo Centre

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe Launch Party

We created a unique show program to the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe showcase launch. Taking into consideration the brand promotion and the class of the event, we prepared the most spectacular shows to amaze guests and highlight the brand new product. Despite working on the location for the first time, we took care of all the details to ensure the remarkable launch event.

250 VIP visitors

Preparation time - 1 months

Event length - 1 days

Location - Jumeirah, Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi

Big National Parade 2015

Our goal was to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment program that could unite the representatives from six continents. Managing more than 200 artists from Africa, Ireland, Russia, the US, Egypt, among others, we developed a performance masterpiece to entertain all the visitors of the Big National Parade.

10,000 visitors

Preparation time - 1 months

Event length - 1 days

Location - Emaar Boulevard Dubai

Clients Testimonials

We were looking for a very good company to help us organize a very important event in the city. All over the country, there was a National Saudi Day. And we were looking for a company that is really professional and can give us something the audience hasn’t seen before. I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve looked for recommendations, and I ended up with 2ID Events. I liked the smoothness of the process, they were really flexible. It was a really good event with the help of your shows!

KSA - Al Qassim - Saudi National Day 2018

What I like about the company that you communicate fast, and you give a solution, you try all the time to satisfy the client. For me, that’s what I need - having creative options with nice prices and quality. We communicated by Whatsapp or email, or you could call anytime, and there was always a smile. I like people who communicate nicely and keep smiling.

Corporate Event - Kuwait - Pixel Poi Show

They have always been in touch with me and send me a proposal that worked with me. When I found the right opportunity, I connected with you. Prompt response, flexibility, a great call to action - that is really important in our business. We made it customized for what I wanted, that’s means a lot.

Corporate Event - Oman - Interactive Dance & LED Dance

Actually, I found you on Google. I went through YouTube, and whenever links I had were 2ID, and I was amazed. Then I dealt with you, and you are so helpful! What you are doing, your services are really smooth. You are flexible, and I recommend you, guys. You are professional and friendly. You have solutions for all the things!

Flash Mob Dance - Dubai Mall

It was very smooth and easy, and you were very understanding in terms of payment and other stuff. I do recommend it to people who would like to have such a creative performance. The communication was very smooth and very on point.

Glitter Show - Public Event - Sharjah

When I was looking for a sand artist, and when I googled everything, the first thing that I found was 2ID Events. I went through your profile and everything. You have done a really good job; the quality is really good. When I was looking for details and communicated with 2ID Events, they immediately responded and gave me a good price and everything. The staff of 2ID Events came to the side, had a look at the event, making sure that everything was okay, and it’s fine, it is really good.

Kite Beach

At the last children festival, we had a good experience with you, with what you provide. We would like to work with you again! I like your collaboration with me and your fast replying. Thank you!

SIBF2018 - Sharjah - International Festival Mrs. Fatima Al Ali, Kids Activities Officer, Sharjah Book Authority, UAE

We searched, we compared with other companies and we chose 2ID Events. Everything was good! It was also because of all the meetings we had, all the briefing, all these things. The support was always there, and everything went smooth.

TWO SEASONS HOTEL LAUNCH Mrs. Mounia Chahri, Marketing Executive & Mr. Bashar Turk, Director of Sales & Marketing, Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments

The welcome installation, it was very creative and outstanding. I felt like it was Disneyland! Also, I liked the tunnel, it was very artistic. It was made with a combination of two of our colors, blue and red. Everything that 2ID Events done was prepared well. It would compete with any other events globally. I trust 2ID Events, and I really can rely on them for such big events without being worried.

Sharjah Civil Aviation - Full-management Services Mr. Faisal Bin Hammad, Events Planning Officer Department of Civil Aviation, Government of Sharjah

Quality was amazing. A professional work, the event managers were there also. They were really helpful, especially Iryna. Hopefully, for the next events, we will deal together again, and again, and again. Thank you very much for your help!

African Theme Event - Al Ain Zoo Mr. Ayman Alturk, Operation Director Circle Exhibitions and Events Management, UAE

The​ Biggest Database

of Talented Artists

Children parties

Branding activities



Team building events



Thematic parties


Children parties


Children’s full entertainment management is one of our key services. Our experienced managers and animators know how to entertain kids, make them happy and having fun. Let us know about the format of the event, the preferred theme or interests of children, the number of kids and their age, and we will create the best entertainment program for them.

  • Magic Shows

  • Clowns & Mimes

  • Thematic parties

  • Educational games

  • Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Costumes & Photozones

  • Fairy Tale Theatre

  • Bouncy Toys

Organize a fun thematic party for your child and create great memories together!

Branding activities


If you want to promote your brand and engage with the target audience but don’t know how to do it, leave the entertainment on us. We are experts in branding activities and brand promo events of any scale and complexity. We know how to advertise a brand and how to entertain visitors.

  • Product launch activities

  • Brand activation show

  • Entertainment program for any branding event

  • Brand presentation at public events

Meet your audience and improve your brand recognition with the best entertainment!



Festivals require a lot of organizational and management activities, including artists’ control, timing and costumes check, location setup, partnership agreements, and much more. Fortunately, we provide full entertainment management, so you won’t have to worry about artists’ bookings and further control. We are a reliable entertainment partner with experience in organizing entertainment for festivals of any scale.

  • Ideas and recommendations

  • Selection of shows and artists’ management

  • Costume design and creation

  • Rehearsal organization

  • Various games for children and adults

  • Interactive shows

  • A professional event coordinator

The best entertainment partner for your festival is here!



The young audience is very special as needs the progressional approach and exclusive interesting program. We really know how to involve them, make them happy and having fun. All you need is to give us the information about the format, number of kids, their age and sphere of interests and let us make the best ever party for them!

  • Wedding concept development

  • Scenario writing

  • Entertainment program

  • Lighting and sound effects

  • Wedding cake design

  • Guest management

  • Professional photographers and videographers

  • A personal event coordinator

Tell us about your ideas, desires, dreams - and together, we will turn them into a beautiful wedding!

Team building events


Team building entertainment activities organized by 2ID Group help to establish effective communication within the team, close-knit relationships, positive emotions, unforgettable impressions, and foster further productive work. We take into account your goals and needs, the size of the team, and the preferred themes of gathering.

  • Extreme and creative workshops

  • Active and relaxing activities

  • Indoors and outdoors activities

  • In the office and in the fresh air

  • In the UAE and abroad

Contact us and get memorable entertainment activities for your team building!



Flashmobs is one of the best entertainment for public and brand activities. Whether it is a product launch, a mall opening, or a citywide holiday, flashmobs work great in engaging visitors and forming a positive attitude towards the organizers. If you want to entertain your guest in an easy and fun way, consider creating a nice flashmob.

  • Creative ideas

  • Artists’ selection and management

  • Rehearsals organization

  • Costume design and creation

  • A professional event coordinator

Let’s create the most engaging and remarkable flashmob together!



Anniversaries are one of the most important and valuable moments of our lives. We understand that you want to get an unforgettable top-level event, and this is what we offer. Forget about all the organizational worries with the help of our event professionals that will create memorable entertainment on such a significant day.

  • Planning & consulting

  • Entertainment program

  • Light & sound setup

  • Guest management

  • Photographer & Videographer

Get a memorable entertainment on your anniversary!

Thematic parties


We offer a full package of services for organizing and conducting private events and thematic parties of any scale and format. You do not have to puzzle over the script, look for dozens of contractors, hang on the phone, and control the process. We will do everything for you!

  • A unique concept for each event and any budget

  • An exclusive scenario

  • Outstanding entertainment program

  • Costume design and creation

  • Light & sound setup

  • Photographer & videographer to save memories

Do you want to have an amazing thematic party? Leave the entertainment on us!



We are proud of our rich experience in organizing entertainment activities for exhibitions of any scale and theme. We have the most extensive entertainment database and a deep understanding of the specifics and nuances of such events. It allows us to create and conduct the best entertainment that fits exhibitions perfectly.

  • Branding activities

  • Product promotions

  • Hostess & models

  • Entertainment program

Get the most engaging and original entertainment specifically for the exhibition format!

How it works?

Fill the order form

Let us know about your upcoming event, and our event manager will get back to you shortly. We will discuss all the details, including date, location, timing, and other preferences.

Our event manager identifies your preferences and wishes

The more details you provide, the better. If you are just planning an event, no worries, our managers will help you to plan entertainment the best way.

We prepare a detailed offer and calculate the cost

Based on your needs and preferences, we will send you a quotation according to the discussed organizational details.

You sign the offer and make a prepayment

Check the received offer and confirm the quotation. Once we receive your confirmation and prepayment, we start working on your entertainment.


  • What if I want a unique show?

    We are well known for the unique shows we organize each time. You don’t have to worry about the uniqueness of your event. Just tell us what type of performance you would like to see, and we will take care of everything else. If you order our services, you can be sure that you will get the most memorable and unique outcome.

  • What if there is no such show in the catalogue?

    We have the biggest database of prominent artists and one-of-a-kind shows. We constantly monitor global trends to offer you the greatest services. In case you don’t find a specific show in our database, we will find it and book this show for you. If the show exists, we will find it and bring it to your event.

  • What if I am not sure what the show I want?

    No problem! Our booking manager will be happy to help you to opt for the performance that fully meets your wishes and needs. We operate the widest database of artists and shows. Just let us know about your upcoming occasion, and our booking manager will pick the best shows and performers that can brighten up your event. Our experience shows that we can always find something special, even to surpass your expectations.

  • Do you offer an event manager for the organized events?

    Of course! From the start of discussion to the day of the event, you will be communicating with your event coordinator. This person will be in charge of all organizational activities, and you can contact him/her at any time. If you need to add anything, be sure you will get a prompt and friendly response from your event manager.

  • Will you control the organized entertainment activities on the day of the event?

    Yes, of course. Your event coordinator will be taking care of all the planned activities on the day of event. You can be sure that the timing will be right, the costumes will be prepared, the equipment will be set, and the artists will deliver the best performance.

  • How do you help with documentation?

    We help with all organization process, including legal support, artists contracts and accommodation, logistics, costumes, technicians, and much more. We offer full-management event organization services.

  • Do you give any guarantees?

    Yes, we know how important it is to create a top-notch event as seamless and possible. If we take responsibility for the event organization, we ensure that every step is double-checked and everything is in order. In rare force majeure, if the artist can’t come, or if any equipment is missing, we take care of finding and delivering another high-quality performer or hardware. No problematic situation is really problematic for us as we keep everything under control. In case any alternative show doesn’t work for you, we will return the money. However, our experience demonstrates that it is always possible to find a solution, even better than the initial one.

  • How to order a show?

    You can contact us at [email protected] directly or fill the order form at our Contacts [link] webpage. There, you can also find phone numbers if you would like to give us a call or request a call-back. Moreover, at the right bottom of the page, you can find a live chat button that will connect you with one of our dedicated managers right away. Besides that, there is a Whatsapp button if you prefer communication right in your messages. Are you a Facebook or Instagram user? Message us on social media, and we will get back to you shortly. You are welcome to choose any communication channel you are comfortable with and make your order.

  • How fast can you organize an event?

    It entirely depends on the complexity of the show you would like to have on your event, the artist you would like to welcome, and your event itself. Depending on the occasion, it is possible to organize a great show even for tomorrow. However, the more complex entertainment you need, the more time it will take. It is always best to prepare everything beforehand to avoid contingency measures. We are flexible and strive to deliver the best entertainment outcome so that you can order additional shows even for an already started long-term event.

  • How can I become your artist?

    If you would like to work with 2ID Events, create a profile here [link] and provide detailed information about your performance skills and experience. Our manager will contact you shortly and assist with the next steps.

We can create a remarkable show program according
to your preferences, needs, and budget!

Fill the order form, and ​ our event managers will contact you​ and identify your needs and details of the upcoming event. We will offer you the best show program and calculate the cost. Get the personal show recommendation and a price quote today!

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