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The figured clouds made a good impression to our guests! Photos from the event got around the internet in a heartbeat. And this is exactly what we were looking for.

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Colored bubble clouds will

Create hundreds of unique flying bubble clouds
in 3 hours with the cloud making machine
“Cloud Emotions” exclusive in the UAE

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Do you want to impress guests and make your event catchy and bespoken for a long time?

Cloud Emotions are clouds of various shapes and colors which floating in the sky or indoors. This is a win-win way to pleasantly surprise and entertain people. Foam clouds in the form of animals, words and company`s logos will certainly attract attention.

Cloud Emotions bubble cloud generator is a bright addition to your party, playdate, engagement party or wedding. And clouds shaped like logos for commercial event will be noticed by guests and other people all around. After all, bubble clouds will slowly floating in the air and attract the sights of passersby.

Rent Cloud Emotions cloud generator and make your holiday unforgettable!

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Figured bubble clouds make adults and children excited. This is a creative solution for any event, which is definitely be unforgettable. Guests will be happy to make a photo of clouds and share their emotions at social networks.

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Simple and convenient

You do not need special knowledge and skills to decorate your holiday with bubble clouds. Once set up, the generator produces clouds automatically. The generator creates a fabulous atmosphere while you are doing other things, chatting with guests and enjoying your rest!

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Eco-friendly and safe

Unlike balloons and sky lanterns, bubble clouds are absolutely safe for people and environment. They do not have hazardous waste. The cloud consists of non-toxic foam, water and helium, and dissolves without a trace just in a 20 minutes.

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Frequently asked Questions

How much is the rent of Cloud Emotions generator?

There are 2 devices available. The cost is 3800 AED (for rent up to 3 hours). Each additional hour costs 300 AED. When ordering 2 devices, you will get 20% discount on the second device.

What shapes and sizes of clouds can Cloud Emotions generator produce?

Cloud Emotions produces clouds of any simple shape: logos, letters, words, numbers, animal figures, symbols, signs, etc. The maximum size of stencil is 40 x 40 cm.

Is it possible to use cloud generator indoors and do they leave marks on the walls and ceiling?

You can, if the room is spacious, with high ceilings, for example, shopping mall. White clouds dissolve after 20 minutes and do not leave marks. Colored clouds leave spots in places where they touche ceiling or wall. Marks can be removed with water or wet wipe.

Is an additional equipment required for Cloud Emotions generator?

Additional equipment is not required. We provide a fully equipped machine. Our staff sets up and controls the generator (included in the price).

Does Cloud Emotions generator make noise?

No, Cloud Emotions are as quiet as a fridge. Its work does not disturb the guests.

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